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Pope Francis became pope on March 13, 2013 elected while Pope Benedict XVI was still alive, an unheard of new precedent, for Pope Benedict had stepped down and retired just a month before this election.  The Cardinal from Beunos Aires, Argentina was also a surprise, for it was the first pope from the Southern hemisphere and a Jesuit as well.  Cardinal Bergoglio chose the name, Francis I, and since he has assumed the papacy, he had shaken the world becoming a beloved and down to earth pope, one more comfortable living among the poor than hobnobbing with politicians and the wealthy.  He has become almost a rock star for some, not only beloved by Catholics, but many peoples worldwide now consider him a religious leader to whom they should pay attention.  He has broken the mold in several ways and has begun writing and directing the Church at large and in his latest encyclical, Laudato Si, he is addressing not only Catholics or men and women of good will, but every inhabitant of the planet.  His message about the health of our planet is being heard loud and clear by many of those inhabitants, irregardless of religious affiliation.  


Links to his other writings will be found at this site, but we will take apart Laudato Si (LS), part by part this year to see how we can begin to implement better care for our "Common Home".  We invite you to join us and to suggest your own ideas as well!


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