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Our days are shaped by many elements: the food we eat, the prayers we pray, the people we meet, the work we do, and often, the books we read. Today, many church or synagogue or mosque congregations sponsor their own book clubs; other book clubs simply emerge from this or that group of interested readers. Whether we read with a group or alone, however, what we read colors our days and our perceptions of other things. When in school, I was often puzzled when my professors would ask me, “What other courses are you taking?” or “What other books are you reading?” until I found out how overlapping one text with another or one course with another influenced each other. What we read fills our minds with facts and questions and often other experiences and we bring those to our next activity of the day. Spiritual reading can guide us to keep God in front of our mind, can make our prayer more fruitful and can often teach us new things about our God and the kingdom that is unfolding before our eyes. When I find a good book, I usually want to share, whether that is about some theology or about taking better care of goats, or about learning new things to manage organic farming more efficiently, etc. To that end, then, a MV, I will regularly add book reviews. Enjoy!!

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