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MV Gardening Corner September 2016


Gardening Corner, September 2016


September is usually all about enjoying the harvest and the bounty of the garden.  It is about canning and freezing and pickling and drying the fresh produce as well, for the colder months will be upon us before long.  This year I found a new shortcut to can tomatoes, making the sauce with a good food processor (see recipes section for those directions).  September is also about repair though and getting ready for the inevitable winter that will follow.


gates 400



At MV, we have fences to repair and brush to clear (the goats can help with some of that).  Yards need to be raked and manure transferred to the compost piles.  Sheds need to be mucked out, and if time before the weather gets too cold, the sheds need a new coat of stain.  The chicken coops and condos need to be readied for the winter, with a touch up of paint on some of those, and an old picnic table needs sanding and a paint job. . . the wood pile needs to be cleaned and stacked. . . and the list goes on. . .



 picnic table 375 

We usually transfer the chickens from their range free yard to their winter houses around now, but since we had a hawk setting up housekeeping in a near-by pine tree most of the summer this year, the chickens have spent a good deal of time in their condos. . . and surprise, surprise, you know those new chicks we bought in the spring, the 10 HEN chicks?  Well, lo and behold, 2 of those 10 are ca-ca-doo-dle doing right now.  We have to figure out a way to either keep those two separate or one is going to make a lovely chicken dinner soon.   Though I do love that rooster call early in the morning. . .


woodpile 390


So, while September may be the signal of cooling weather and tropical storms (we keep our fingers crossed every year for those), it is also a month or repair and regroup.  With cooler months on the horizon, we have to start getting ready.  And the cycle of life and time continues. . .


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