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Laudato Si


Laudato Si, or Pope Francis’ encyclical “On Care for Our Common Home” was released in May of 2015 and took the world by storm.  It was addressed not just to all Catholics, or not just to all Christians or not even just to all men and women of good will.  It was addressed to all people on this planet.  Sometimes linked to the issues of “global warming,” it is a document that examines how we have been taking care of our planet and how we have massively failed in our stewardship.  Pope Francis sees this as a crisis not only about the state of the earth or rocks or fossil fuel or vegetation or water supplies, but especially how this is affecting people, and especially the poor.  In many cases the worse stewardship is being done by the richest countries and the poorest are the one who are bearing the heaviest burdens.  He is calling for a radical transformation that begins with each one of us examining our own consciences to see how we have taken care, or have forgotten to take care of our Common Home.


This column on MV hopes to look at this document  a little more closely this year, one section at a time, and see how we, esp. those of us who live in rural southeastern Massachusetts can start taking better care of our surroundings.  The document has 6 chapters and 35 sections within those chapters.  If we look at one section per week, we should be able to cover it within an academic year.


I will post a brief summary of the section each week and make a couple suggestions for how we might better implement Pope Francis’ suggestions to get us started.  This website in interactive, so please send comments and other suggestions to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so we can all begin to learn together.  I will also add extra links for additional reading or information.  When my children were small and finally got back to school each fall, and began to settle into their school routine, one could almost hear them grow. . .  may this venture do likewise for us!  Let us begin to learn and grow together!


When writing his document on climate change and the environment, Laudato Si, Pope Franicis relied heavily on his papal advisor, Cardinal Peter Turkson.  See links below for more information:


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