Breakfast Foods
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“The most important meal of the day is breakfast.”  Most of us have heard our mothers tell us this since we were small children, and all the nutritionists concur.  Breakfast can set the tone for the day.  After a good night’s sleep, the first meal “breaks” the “fast” to welcome another day.  In the rhythm of Mystical Ventures, morning begins a new day, but soon grows into noontime, then leads to afternoon and finally spills into evening.  The seasons of the year are microsized each day to smaller blocks of time: morning, noon and night.  Taking food from the earth (or from the chickens) and fashioning it into our first meal of the day can be a spiritual act as well as a culinary one.  We welcome the sun.  We welcome a new day.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!   

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