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Stuffed Turkey Burgers

A Healthy Yummy Alternative for Backyard Burgers
Since Bill has had an allergy for years to red meat, we tend to eat a lot of chicken, turkey and fish.  Goat meat may be on the future agenda, but so far, we are keeping the goats for their milk and milk products.  Yesterday, on Father’s Day, we had a cook-out for Bill and his Dad and all the other fathers in our family, like our sons and son-in-laws.  We had the usual turkey hot dogs and burgers and chicken legs and bratwurst (one of Pepere’s favorites), potato salad, pasta salad and baked beans, coleslaw, corn on a cob and watermelon, but this year, I tried a variation of the backyard burger.  Last summer, I started noticing that folks were stuffing their burgers with cheeses and other options, so I tried stuffing our turkey burgers.  I usually buy white breast ground turkey meat since I think it tastes better, but ground turkey is still pretty bland.  Below is my answer to the blandness.  They turned out to be packed with flavor and one that will probably be repeated at many more cook-outs.  Enjoy!
Stuffed Turkey Burgers
2 pounds ground turkey breast             turkey burger
1/3 pound turkey bacon
3-4 tablespoons olive oil
6 slices American cheese
2 jalapeño peppers
1 large Vidalia onion
2 large Beefsteak tomatoes
Hamburger buns or Portuguese sandwich rolls
Cut 1/3 pound turkey bacon into one inch pieces and brown until crispy in oil.  Set aside.  (This can be done ahead of time.  I tend to cook a whole pound this way and then use some for making baked beans instead of salt pork and/or save some of the bacon to mix with scrambled eggs.)  Wash and seed two jalapeño peppers and then cut into thin circles and set aside.  Be careful to wash your hands after doing this, since handling these peppers can cause some burning of your hands.  Or, you can wear rubber gloves.   Divide each pound of turkey into six pieces.  One at a time, take one piece and cut it in half and then shape that half into a thin burger.  Put it on a counter or cutting board.  On top of the burger, put ¼ slice of cheese, 4-5 pieces of bacon and two jalapeño slices.  Top with another ¼ slice of cheese.  Shape the other half of the ground turkey into another thin patty and press on top of first patty.  Pick up the hamburger with a metal spatula and flip over to make sure you seal all edges with your fingers.  Putting it on the counter or cutting board gives you a nice flat bottom surface and makes it easier to seal top burger.  Place burger on wax paper in a pan or on a plate.  Each pound of ground turkey will make six burgers.  After making first six, cut another piece of wax paper and put it on top of burgers, so second set can be place on top of first.   Refrigerate until ready to grill.  Slice Vidalia onion and Beefsteak tomatoes and set aside.  When ready to eat, grill the burgers and then add a slice of onion and tomato to each burger in a toasted bun.  NOTE: these are not super spicy, but give the burger a nice flavor with just a bit of a bite.  Portuguese rolls add even more taste with a little sweetness.

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