Preserving Food
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Preserving food is a big part of living off the land, at least in the Northeast where we live.  There are four seasons here, which includes a winter.  The ground is frozen for months and food that it once produced needs to be kept somehow, so that one can eat throughout the winter.  I know, my daughters tell me there are supermarkets, but we are trying to be self-sustaining here, so using what the earth has already furnished is part of the plan.  So, I freeze some things or can some things or may store them in the closest thing I can manage to a root cellar or dry cool place.  I may also try drying some things like herbs or fruit.  Sometimes I make up recipes for things that can be stored frozen in combination, but not by themselves, e.g. eggplant or zucchini.  Eggplant does not freeze well or can well, but it makes a delicious moussaka (see main dishes) and that can be frozen as a meal.  Most gardeners who grow zucchini get overwhelmed with it when it comes in.  Sometimes, I think they grow 6 inches a day.  It too, does not freeze well or can well, but one can make delicious soups or breads or even zucchini quiches and then freeze those and they will be wonderful mid-winter.  Jellies, jams and relishes are also wonderful ways to preserve food and share the bounty with friends as gifts, especially around the holidays.  Enjoy some of our favorite recipes below for preserving the harvest! 

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